In the Memory of 12 Atoms…

Down the “Memory” lane, it was from Selectron tube to RAM and now SRAM, which is in use!  In a four transistor memory, upto millions of atoms are involved on typical today’s disk drives to just store a single bit of information. IBM has come up from its R&D scientists’ research by demonstrating a atomic limits of magnetic memory that it just requires only 12 magnetic atoms to hold one single BIT of data. Using anti-ferromagnets under low temperatures, the state of atom can be stored for hours i.e. without getting effected by neighboring magnetic fields. Anti-ferromagnets are used along with Scanning tunneling Microscopes (STMs). An STM was also an invention by IBM researchers in 1981 and won them a Nobel prize for STM invention. By changing magnetic spin polarities at nanosecond speed at STM tip switches with current flowing from 0 to 1 or viceversa, to just form a bit of data and thus can be further adjusted to form the byte of desired data. Further research can bring this to realtime application!

This accounts to a storage that is 100x times more denser than today’s memory storage devices. Moore’s law: “The number of transistors will double on s single Microchip every two years. Technology pacing up to Moore’s law, faithfully!


Its a Technical Grammy for singing iPod and iTunes!

For a user + Fan of iPhone and Apple IOS 5, it’s even more a delight for this revolutionary, amplified euphony that’s a rage now!

Most of us listen to melodious tunes perpetuating and resonating in our ears from iTunes and further more thanks to iPod!

A song/video is just a click wheel’s action away or even just as easy as an iPhone or even better iPod Touch functions.

With PortalPlayer’s ARM cores with RISC + ISA (Instruction set architecture ) 32-bit computers best suited for embedded and low powered electronics, the iPod evolved.

However, under direct supervision of Steve Jobs, the user interface underwent a complete re-design or rather new design, which is a very laudable and user-friendly interface, a USP.

With advent of DRM-protected songs to several changes eventually recent iTunes synch up, is anything but a gift to any music lover.

One could go anywhere with 4000+ songs in their pocket, coz of iPod in its various forms. Increasing sales of iPods and iPhone, there are millions and millions of Apple iPod, iPhone users all over the world. Like Steve Jobs answers to the question “Why Apple would want to invest in a Music player?” when iPod first launched in 2001, his answer: “We love music and it is always good to do something you love” as simple an answer could be!

During latest 2012 February Grammy weekend evening, Steve Jobs wins a Trustee’s Grammy posthumously for Technical contribution towards iPod, iTunes and revolutionizing industry in the way music got distributed and purchased.

A Binary page!

It all started when a circuit was built to give 0 or a 1 binary numbers ! And developed into Tautology to logical states and then multiplied, amplified into digital signal. Binary numbers travelled and communicated far and wide culminating into few more 0’s and 1’s, what we call today WWW and still travelling. The blog about technological, digital news of the day!